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  1. I was 17, lying on a towel at Santa Monica beach. A black man in his 20’s came and stood over me and he had a huge bulge in his trunks. I couldnnot nhelp looking. He knelt down with his crotch onle a few inches from my face and said give me your hand. I reached up and he put it on his crotch. He said, take a closer look. I looked around and there were only a few others on the beach and they were notr near us. In a few minutes I had my first cock in my mouth. I felt him cum and he said I was a good boy. He handed me a card with his phone number & said call me if you want some fun.
    I called him that very night. That’s how I discovered I was gay.

  2. You were and are a very lucky and happy young man my friend! I hope you kept ‘in touch’? Graham in UK

  3. Guys should offer themselves more freely like this… makes for a much more loving world..besides what are cocks for but to play with? Yum! Suckie suckie!

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