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  1. What’s with all the cock size shaming guys do….even when undeserved? No wonder a lot of men feel inadequate in the cock length department.This guy has a normal non porn sized penis and he’s incredibly sexy. Average length of an erect penis is 5-1/16 inches…not 5 3/4 inches or 6 inches. A guy with a 7 inch dick is actually considered “hung”. I’m 5 3/4 inches long…6 inches on a good day…and that’s slightly better than average. Guys are not just their cocks….especially hot guys. It’s about the whole guy. This guy still made my cock stand up and salute. Less than 2% of men are 8 inches better. On guy selfie sites we think everyone is huge because men with average sized cocks don’t want to post only to be labelled “small” or even “tiny”. Men should encourage all other men to be proud of their dicks…regardless their size. Cock size is not in our control.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I agree with everything you said.
      It’s the whole package if the guy is a jerk then he’s just a dick and nothing else no matter how big he is.

    2. Agreed, especially since they are perfect size to enjoy every inch. Those that cast shade are likely a bit loopy in the head so pray for them.

  2. You sir, could feed me every day of my life. Yiu are stunning and I thank you for posting. However if we belonged to each other I would never let you share looks again. Obviously you can tell that I’m selfish that way. Sadly now fir me I must fantasize that you are letting me gave my way and pop one off. Thanks again.

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