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  1. some things that would add to the vicious orgasm would be squeezing his nuts hard right when cuming, tickling his nipples, sticking a dildo in his ass. Love his loud screaming, moaning, grimacing, his big pepe, his low bangers and the fact that he doesn’t shave his pubes. Hate guys that save.

    1. Right. I’m gay. I like men. Shaving turns men into little boys. Turns me off.

  2. I’m a cocksucker and would give my eye teeth to give this guy a long slow blowjob that would be an edging contest between us!! Trust me, I would suck him to the point just…and do it over and over, with some intermission times to sniff and lick his hairy ass. What a fucking stud this guy is!!!!

  3. Now the couch is going to be all sticky and greasy in the spot he’s sitting. Plus, it’s probably not going to smell very good after a couple days. The smell of sex is good in the moment but I don’t want it lingering on my couch. ??

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